After 5 years of development it is now time for us to proudly introduce the Lowel GL-1 Power LED, a brand new product that will improve your images from the very first moment you use it. With the help of Steve Tiffen and the Tiffen/Lowel team, what we envisioned is now a reality.

Unsatisfied with the lighting options available, we began playing around with various light sources, trying to create the perfect marriage between high ISO cameras and a controllable constant light source. We tried every flashlight at home depot, went through every video light on the market but surprisingly nothing was right. There were heavy batteries, annoying wires and of course the light was never powerful enough. After countless hours we finally made the perfect light and we have been using it ever since.

But how would we share this with the world? How would we get this in the hands of everyone with the same needs as we had? Enter Steve Tiffen. The Marcus family had been photographing the Tiffen family for years and after a small meeting at the Harmonie Club in New York, Steve was sold. For the last three years the Tiffen/Lowel team combined with our consultation, have taken our idea to a new level, creating a gift for the imaging industry. The Lowel GL-1 Power LED.

What makes the GL-1 such a great tool is that you can see exactly what the light is doing. A constant, dimmable, focusable light source with no wires attached! The portability allows us to capture multiples images we would never have had the time for. Moving freely around a location without worrying about big umbrellas or wires was such a relief. The GL-1 simply gives us the freedom to create. The images we imagined are now all possible.

So share in the joy with us. Come see the Lowel GL-1 prototype and some amazing presentations by some of the worlds top wedding and portrait photographers at the Tiffen booth this WPPI.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy the same success and excitement we have had over the past few years. The time has come for a product that will literally change everything!


John Solano & Brian Marcus – Co-Creators of the Lowel GL-1

brian 95x110 WPPI 2012   A Dream becomes Reality   Introducing the LOWEL GL 1 Power LED.Headshot 110x110 WPPI 2012   A Dream becomes Reality   Introducing the LOWEL GL 1 Power LED.