Photos by Michael Kelley


Michael Kelley is an architectural and interiors photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. In his words:

“I have always been interested in the arts, and studied them intensely from a young age, which created a need for me to ‘make’ pictures rather than just take them. I don’t believe that any one image in this day and age should be called finished with just a single click of a shutter button; there are billions and billions of images out there already that were created in this manner.”

“I strive to make images that captivate, that stop the viewer in their tracks and demand their attention. Think for a second: how many images do you see in a day? And how many of those hold your attention for more than mere seconds? It’s a pretty rare thing in this era of constant advertisement and a bombardment of images from all directions. My goal is simply to create images that defy this standard, that allow the viewer to study them and find new things upon each subsequent viewing, that can be dissected and viewed over and over again without the luster wearing away. I also want to create technically sound images that communicate with my clients’ target audience, and in turn are also commercially viable. It is so satisfying to me to be able to use my love of art and photography to make a living crewing the images I want in the style and methods I choose. The GL-1 has proven to be an amazing tool for creating the pictures that I want, so much so that now I couldn’t imagine working without it. The ability to finesse the light, combined with the portability and ease of use when compared to traditional hot lights is simply invaluable.”

Sep 19, 2013, 11:50 pm.

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