Photos by Jim Garner


Recognized by American Photo Magazine as “One of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World.”

Jim’s career began in 1993 as a commercial photographer, where his skill for combining technical expertise with an elegant, modern aesthetic enabled him to build a solid business based on satisfied clients and referrals. He continues to take on selected commercial projects to this day. Jim’s fascination with communicating people’s life stories soon led him down a different road: to become one of today’s most sought-after wedding photographers.

By fusing several elements—an editorial fashion sense, a taste for distinctive colors and textures, a relaxed shooting approach and a strong passion for capturing “real life” moments—Jim has developed a unique style that consistently wins accolades and awards. For the past several years, J. Garner Photography has won in multiple awards within the Professional Photography Industry. To look at Jim’s prize-winning work, just visit

His intense dedication to the business has also led Jim to create support products that work. In 2007, he launched BODA, a series of professional photography lens bags. BODA is seeing enormous success and has created a buzz in the international photography community.

An expert in his field, Jim has been published in numerous photography industry publications including Rangefinder, PPA and American Photo Magazine as well as Marie Claire. He is also a popular educator and public speaker. For more information on Jim’s workshops and seminars, please visit

Jun 14, 2011, 1:14 pm.

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