Photos by Erin & Ben Chrisman


When Ben was a little kid, he wrote down in a book what he wanted to be when he grew up.


He borrowed his mom’s film camera. He photographed his family, his friends, the high-school kids for the yearbook. He studied photojournalism and worked for several newspapers in New Mexico, his home state. He traveled to Indonesia and Sri Lanka to photograph the devastation from the tsunami. He planned to go to Iraq to become a war photographer.

But then at 27, he luckily decided to photograph a few weddings in Santa Fe. Those few weddings led him to start  traveling for weddings all over the world. In Mexico, he met a girl named Erin, who was also a photographer. They moved to San Francisco. They got married last November in Las Vegas. Then two weeks later they got married again in Campeche, Mexico. Mexico was the big party, with lots of photographers and a lot of former clients with whom Ben and Erin have become close.

Today, along with their three great friends, Dave, Aaron and Mauricio, they work really hard to give their couples photographs that transcend wedding photography. It’s exactly what Ben has always wanted.

He’s a very lucky guy. And he’d still go to Iraq, but only if you’re getting married there.

Ben and Erin live in the hills overlooking the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Feb 10, 2012, 3:12 pm.

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