Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gl-1?

Fast and furious; dimmable, focusable, and portable, the new GL-1 is a high-performance on location hot light from Lowel-Light. Designed for photographers and videographers, the Lowel GL-1 represents a new breed of lighting that delivers the same quantum leap forward in technical capabilities and quality as the DSLR camera technology brought in the mid-2000s.

What’s unique about it?

Power, Portabiity & Performance. It has a very bright output, with spot to flood focusing. It’s dimmable, with a highly accurate tungsten color output that doesnt shift during dimming. Its self-contained quick-swap rechargable battery frees you up to move quickly, keeping up with the pace of the event. Some features:

  • Designed for mobility, the compact Lowel GL-1 unit has no external cables or batteries.
  • Rechargeable quick-swap battery pack.
  • Bright LED output that is dimmable.
  • The GL-1 has an even exposure from one side of the beam to the other and does not have a hot spot in the middle.
  • Accurate tungsten color output that doesn’t shift during dimming.
  • Ergonomic design with all controls easily accessible.

What are its top five selling points?

Impressive Speed – Like the DSLR camera, the new GL-1 light can be easily carried and simply turned on for perfect picture taking. The compact design lets photographers and videographers move freely; shooting the subject matter continuously. There is no stopping the shoot to move lighting structures and accessories because subject matter has moved. Example of time savings; a 30-minute shoot for a wedding/bride portrait – would take now just 10 minutes.

A Much Smoother Shoot – Without the distraction of set-up; photographers and videographers can focus on their subject matter, maintaining a continuous connection; capturing the shot they want every time.

Outstanding Light Quality With Extensive Controls – Unlike any other light out there, GL-1 offers an even spread of light, no real hotspot. Control light focus with Spot to Flood capabilities. Manage light intensity with Dimmable controls. Atmosphere integrity is never compromised. Every shot is perfect.

Tremendous Power and Versatility – The light source is so powerful that photographers and videographers can shoot at varying distances without moving position. Light just as brilliantly as when shooting close up.

Incredible Return on Investment – Using the GL-1 will improves the quality of every photo and video; making the photographer’s and videographer’s projects sellable at a higher price

How is it used?

Your high ISO D- SLR allows you to shoot in lower light situations. The GL-1 lets you add just the right amount of key, fill, or accent light on your subject, helping them stand out in the shot. Its powerful output and focusing ability mean you can easily add light exactly where you need it from a greater distance,so it’s perfect for wider shots.

What is unique about the light source?

A perfect complement to the DLSR cameras, the Lowel GL-1 lets photographers and videographers harness the creative potential of high ISO shoots. The Lowel GL-1 gives you a focusable light spread, which means users can control the diameter of the light from close up to varying distances further away. The light source is always even from edge to edge with no uneven hot spot.

Extensive controls let users set to Spot to hone in on a close; or switch to Flood to throw light all around the subject matter. Dimmable controls let users adjust the light to match the atmosphere. With the integrity of the atmosphere maintained, photographers and videographers can exactly see exactly the effect the light has on their shot.

How can I get the Gl-1?

GL-1 is coming this summer. Bookmark this address and stay tuned here. Join our mailing list.

What will it cost?

Final pricing has not been determined yet, but the list price is expected to be under $800.